Friday, January 18, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Argentina

Tango Postcard, 1920

Tango originated in the barrios (working-class suburbs) outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The dance, music, singing and poetry of immigrants from many countries and races combined to form the beginnings of this amazing form of expressions which we call Tango. Patricio Touceda and Carla Chimento, Tango Argentina, demonstrate.

Hmm, if we're ever going to be that good, we'd better find a place to take some lessons. Pasaje Bollini in Buenos Aires looks like an interesting neighborhood.

Image by miuchi22

What beautiful detail in El Barrio del Tango.

Image by buscounaplaya

La Boca, a neighborhood, or barrio, of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. This must be the place.

Image by Christian Haugen

Let's head up to Tango class.

Image by talber

Lessons on the sidewalk. How cool is that? Now just put your feet here.

Image by samurai_dave

Yes, like that.

Image by mckaysavage

Keep on practicing.

Image by Wikimania2009

Maybe, with lots of practice, we might be able to dance like these couples some day.

Image by John Spooner

Image by mariolal

Analia & Gabriel ~ Tango Buenos Aires.

Image by prayitno

Beautiful ending, Analia and Gabriel.

Image by prayitno

Giraffe #186, you have some pretty nice moves there. Have you been taking Tango lessons, too?


  1. Wow, I wish I could dance like that! I can't really dance much at all, lol. And that is the cutest little dancing giraffe I've ever seen!

    -Ani Rae

    1. Isn't that little giraffe the best ever? One of my students gave it to me years ago and I think about her when I look at it. It makes this giraffe very special to me.

  2. clap clap clap for girraffee #186....
    Everytime I stop by I learn something.

    thank you =)
    Pink Kitty