Monday, January 21, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Sepia

Sepia is a brown-gray color. In Greco-Roman civilization it was commonly used as a writing ink and was used as artists' drawing material until the 19th century. Sepia ink was used by Leonardo da Vinci for writing, drawing and as a colored wash in this drawing.

Drawings of Water Lifting Devices

Sepia-toned paintings create a drama all their own.
Aleksander OrÅ‚owski (1777–1832)

And one can focus on the details more easily.

Image by guymoll

Image by guymoll

The color Sepia is used in photography to mimic the effect of aging in old photographs.

Image by Gruenemann

Image by Adam Axon

As in the watercolors, the details really come into focus.

Image by davharuk

And instead of being just another photograph, it becomes art.

Image by Jason Pier in DC

Image by scottfeldstein

This Sepia-toned watercolor is amazing, isn't it? I keep looking at it, awed by its power and wondering what the artist was thinking while painting it.

Image by Gritche

Giraffe #188, what do you this of yourself . . .

in Sepia?

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  1. I'm sorry I keep getting side tracked. I love this color. It makes things look so much nicer. It is always a treat to have a girraffee for a helper. =)

    Pink Kitty