Monday, January 7, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Pink

This post is dedicated to my online friend who loves Pink. The word was first used to describe the color in the 17th century.

Image by Audrey

The reflection of the Pink flower in the tiny drop of water is amazing.

Image by Audrey

A profusion of Pink Dogwood flowers to please any Pink lover.

Image by ForestWander

Or perhaps you prefer the pale Pink in Charles Rennie's painting.


Flamingos are pink due to the pink pigment in their food.

Image by Tony Hisgett

The Pink dolphin, a freshwater river dolphin found in some South American countries, has a brain 40% larger than a human's. I think I'll start wearing more pink.

Image by Chem7

On maps of the 19th and early 20th century, Pink was the colored used to denote the British Empire.

Former British Empire

The United States has the White House, where the President lives. Argentina has the Casa Rosada (Pink House), the seat of their government's executive branch.

Casa Rosada

Now if we're really going to be Pink lovers, let's get serious.

Image by woofiegrrl

Image by ScrapAddict74

Patty Maher

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All we need is something in case our fingers get dirty. Giraffe #181 can help us out with that.


  1. Oh Anna,

    I am very honored. How perfect. I loved all your pictures. I did not know pink was used to denote the British empire or that it was first used in the 17th century. Isn't Pink just a fun color. It can be bright & sassy. Or pale and calm.

    fyi: how did you know I collect flamingos? ;)

    Pink Kitty

    1. I would love to see pictures of your flamingos!

    2. This is my 3rd try...I have different kinds of flamingos. I have a flamingo garland that I have across the entry way. I have flamingos in my garden which Miss Gabby likes. And I have flamingos perched on tables & lamps. ;)

    3. This is so weird, because I saw your other comment about your flamingos and set it to publish. Maybe someone at Blogger doesn't like flamingos. ;(

  2. I don't have any pictures except maybe one. I have a flamingo of my sisters bought me a teeny tiny flamingo that goes on a necklace. I have a flamingo in the gaden. My Gabrielle likes to love on him LOL. And various sizes sitting on tables around the house. And I have flamingo dishes. How could I resist- they're pink!

    1. This comment was stuck awaiting moderation. I saw it after your other comment. :)

  3. Aw, a post dedictated to Pink Kitty, how sweet. Pink is a very pretty color. My bedroom is painted pink, my lamp is pink, my pajamas have pink, and there are pink and purple polka dots on my bedspread. Everyone has to like pink a little!

    -Ani Rae