Monday, January 28, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Eau de Nil

Eau de Nil is a pale greenish color.

Image by little greene

It's a lovely vintage color for clothing.

Shop Curious: 1920s Eau de Nil Green Beaded Silk Chiffon Dress

Image by thefoxling
And ceramics.

Etsy Shop: maintenant

Ebay Seller: *vintagepink* (21296)

These curtain materials, by, are beautiful, aren't they?

Marton Eau de Nil

Alderley Eau de Nil

And this jewelry is so pretty.

Etsy Shop: MsSpectator

Etsy Shop: jellycake

Etsy Shop: KatherineCooper

This Eau de Nil window is certainly interesting.

Image by fox-and-fern

My favorite is this cushion cover in Eau de Nil linen Chinoiserie. (More about Chinoiserie tomorrow.)

Ebay Seller: cushinumbers (1260)

I do believe Giraffe #191 has a bit of Eau de Nil going on.

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