Monday, January 14, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Amethyst

Amethyst ranges in color from light pinkish violet to a deep purple.

Amethyst Quartz image by Rob Lavinsky,

Amethyst intaglio, ca. 212 AD, Image by Clio20
Amethyst can exhibit hues of red and blue. 

Image by Juppi66

Amethyst is found naturally, as in the beautiful color of this Amethyst-throated Sunangel.

Image by pattymcgann

Or in flowers.

Image by Henrique Vicente

This is called Amethyst in Snow, a very appropriate name.

Image by geopungo

Or an amazing sunset, taken in Jabal Lubnan, Lebanon.

Image by Untitled blue

Amethyst makes beautiful glassware.

Etsy Shop: swancreekcottage

Handblown, Etsy Shop: robinstreasurechest

And of course, I found many pieces of Amethyst jewelry that pleased me very much. I'd be happy with silver settings:

Image by Jewels Globe

Image by Jewels Globe

Or gold.

Etsy Shop: sanibelsands

Etsy Shop: koololejools

Etsy Shop: JewelryCoffers

Giraffe pair #184 are wearing little Amethyst bows. Even the elephants are shades of Amethyst.


  1. Hi Anna,
    it's all very pretty, but the fun thing is I always learn something when I stop by.

    thank you,
    Pink Kitty

    1. I'm so glad, Pink Kitty. I've learned so many interesting things since I started this blog, too.