Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Chinoiserie is a French word referring to a Chinese style in decorative art. Click on Chinoiserie to hear the pronunciation.

I used this example of a Chinoiserie pillow in my post on Eau de Nil yesterday.

Ebay Seller: cushinumbers (1262)
This wallpaper on canvas, handpainted, with chinoiserie and rococo ornaments, from around 1765 (found in the Museum Geelvinck-Hinlopen Huis), reminds me of that pillow.

Image by Taco Tichelaar

This bowl is an example of very simple Chinoiserie style.

Image by Bayerisches Nationalmuseum M√ľnchen

I like this cute milk jug with Chinoiserie scenes.

Exhibit in the Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beautiful Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Image by Miss Krin

Image by The Daring Librarian

Image by surtr

Etsy Shop: Sarasotalife

Etsy Shop: Sarasotalife

I have a Chinoiserie tin with the same vibrant red, black and gold colors.

Our lovely Eau de Nil color seems to be present frequently in vintage Chinoiserie.

Etsy Shop: whaleback

Giraffe #192, what are you doing in my pink, Chinoiserie bowl?


  1. Anna, I love the tin!

    We have a pair of velvet wall hangings similar in style to the wallpaper picture above the tin.


    1. I'll be they are just beautiful hangings!

  2. Girraffee #192 knows pink is a fun color! He just wanted to get closer =)
    I learned a new word, Chionoiserie, but I'm not sure how to pronounce it.

    Anna I alwasy learn something...big Thank you!