Sunday, December 16, 2012

We Can't Catch the Gingerbread Man. Or Can We?

Let's try. This Gingerbread Man is easy. He's just lounging in a cup of coffee. He'll never see us coming.

Image by Melissa O'Donohue

This one looks so happy on this pretty crystal plate. I think we'll leave him alone.

Image by Samdogs

The tree would look so empty if we grabbed him. 

Image by urbanshoregirl

A felt Gingerbread Man. Not too tasty, so we won't bother him.

Image by Steven Snodgrass

A daring escape.

Image by charlene

Caught while sleeping.

Image by land_camera_land_camera

I'm afraid this Gingerbread family would be able to run faster than I could.

Image by Loren Jarvier

The perfect way to escape us. You can't catch a shadow, even a shadow Gingerbread Man.

Image by nickellis74

They can't escape forever, though they seem amazingly cheerful about being caught. 

Image by Eljay

Image by 10 Corso Como

I can't take credit for catching any of my own Gingerbread People. They were all given to me as gifts. They look pretty happy, so I guess they don't mind being caught, especially when they have family members to keep them company.

Except this little guy. He was a piece from a game that I found. He would have been thrown out if I hadn't rescued him. No wonder he looks so happy.

Giraffe #170 and his pals look excited. They must be chasing after a Gingerbread Man.

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