Monday, December 24, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus!

One of my very favorite Christmas songs is "Here Comes Santa Claus" sung by Gene Autry.

YouTube ~ Here Comes Santa Claus

I love nesting dolls.

Image by smith

I'm not sure if this Santa is a nesting ball, but it's cute.

Image by moriza

Santa, relaxing before the big night.

Image by 4028mdk09

Ho Ho Ho, Santa.

Image by Son of Groucho

Time for Santa to bring the presents. Interesting way to get in the house, Santa.

Image by orphanjones

I wonder who the presents are for?

Image by mejane8

Image by Matt Ryall

Santa, this is no time to be playing!

Image by TerryJohnston

Shh. Do you hear someone, Santa?

Image by KristinNador

You did a good job, Santa. Sleep well.

Image by Tammra McCauley

Santa Giraffe #175 is ready for Christmas.

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  1. I love the sleeping Claus couple!

  2. The sleeping clause couple were cute.