Friday, December 14, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Germany

I think of Germany at Christmas time, because I once was there in November and December. I passed this toy shop in Hamburg and had to take a picture through the window.

I took this picture in Nuremberg. It is the N├╝rnberg Heilig Geist Spital (Nuremberg Holy Ghost Hospital).

Another picture shows much more of the surroundings. The tree has a few more leaves, too.

Image by Joergsam

Rothenburg, Germany, was quite beautiful.

From my travel journal: "We walked inside the city walls. It was very quaint and picturesque. There were stairs leading up to a walkway along the top of the wall, so we walked up there. It was pitch black inside and a bit scary, but fun. We walked all along the wall and looked out at the city. It was beautiful with the scattered lights. You could see the places along the wall where men stood guarding the city."
Rothenburg Snowfall ~ Image by MattJP

 Visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in Germany was a wonderful experience. This one, in Berlin, had a ferris wheel.

We also went to one in Munich, where we saw the Glockenspiel and Rathaus (Town Hall). It was exciting to see the figures come out when the clock chimed.

Maybe I'll get to visit these Christmas markets someday.

Freiberg ~ Image by unukorno

Marienplatz, Munich ~ Image by heatheronhertravels

Residenz in Munich ~ Image by heatheronhertravels

Aren't these toys great?

Residenz in Munich ~ Image by heatheronhertravels

Much of this Christmas market in Emden is on the water and on a ship. It even has swimming booths. How pretty it looks at night.

Image by gerriet

Giraffe Team #169, can you take me to Germany for Christmas


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