Saturday, December 29, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Croatia

Along the Adriatic Sea coast, Croatia contains more than a thousand islands. One such island is Losinj.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

Suncana Uvala bay on the same island has such beautifully-colored water.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

Another gorgeous bay on the Island of Losinj is Javorna Bay. The water looks so warm and inviting I'm ready to jump in.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

More inviting water in Lucice bay near Milna, Brac, Croatia. I wonder if we can catch a ride on that boat.

Image by Bunker

Things look a little chillier at Goli Otok. I love the deep, blue-black color of the water.

Image by Roberta F.

Looks like things have warmed up a bit at Goli Otok.

Image by Roberta F.

If we get tired of water, we can visit Castle of Komiza on Vis Island.

Image by Roberto Fogliardi

As the sun begins to set, I think we should set sail for Supetar Harbor, on the Croatian Island of Bra─Ź.

Image by Andrewmp

Who else to take on our island hopping in Croatia but boot-wearing Giraffe #177.


  1. Oh Anna,
    ty...isn't croatia Dragi's home? I'm glad you showed me how pretty it is. Girraffee #177 is adorable in his boots.
    pink kitty

    1. Yes, that is where Dragi lives. I wonder if he's in one of the places I showed.