Monday, December 17, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Red and White

What's more Christmasy than Santa's hat?

Image by Mike Licht,

I never knew Santa's hat could look so tasty.

Image by adinaplus

Mint M&M's are yummy, too.

Maybe I'd better hide the candy here.

Red against White creates a beautiful Christmas feeling.

Image by findingtheobvious

Let's get the ornaments out.

Image by brianjmatis

Image by brianjmatis

Image by brianjmatis

A red snowflake may be carrying Red and White a little too far.

Image by brianjmatis

Maybe not.

Image by DoodleDeMoon

Jingle Red and White.

Image by workshoppe

Back to candy.

Image by AForestFrolic

Giraffe #171 is fashionable in Red and White boots, courtesy of a creative student.

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