Monday, December 10, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Red and Green

It's time for some Christmas cheer. Red and Green light the way.

Image by MoToMo

I look forward to seeing Poinsettia plants every year. Their colorful leaves are so festive.

Image by southernpixel

These beautiful Red berries and Green leaves are very Christmasy. And I love the water drops hanging from the berries.

Image by audreyjm529

Now we need ornaments.

Image by jack berry

Image by Walt Stoneburner

Even puppies know Red and Green are Christmas colors. Don't be sad, Puppy. You'll get a present for Christmas, too.

Image by Pahz

I'm not sure if this would be the best present for you, though.

Image by nerissa's ring

Now let's see the presents under the tree. I hope there's one with my name on it.

Image by robynejay

After all the hard work of looking at Red and Green pictures, we need some sustenance.

Image by brendan-c

We should put down a tablecloth to catch the crumbs. My mother bought the material and made this tablecloth for Christmas one year. Nobody slept through Christmas dinner with this bright Red and Green on the table.

Giraffe #167's turtle friends bring some Red and Green Christmas cheer.


  1. I love turtles! In my home turtles and giraffes are very best friends!

    1. And it's obvious that turtles are very helpful to giraffes!

  2. I love the bright colors of this month! It's my month & maybe that is why I am so attracted to bright colors vs pastels.

    Pink Kitty

  3. I love the Christmas season! I always like to paint my nails red and green. They're red right now, but I might change it up soon and paint them green. Or maybe both!

    -Ani Rae

    1. I think you should definitely do both red and green. That would look really cool!