Sunday, December 23, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Red and Gold

Red and Gold is a very elegant color combination for Christmas. If I got this present, I wouldn't want to open it. I would like to just keep looking at it.

Image by shimelle

Even unlit, these candles and ornaments light up the room.

Image by dylancantwell

A Red tree with Gold ornaments is a bold way to combine the colors.

Image by orangejack

A Red and Gold painted pine cone is a novel way to decorate for Christmas.

Image by flicknick

A spiral of Red ornaments on a Gold background.

Image by fdecomite

Individual Red and Green ornaments are beautiful.

Image by catlovers

Image by PV Ks

Image by daniellelorenz

Isn't this Red and Gold angel lovely?

Image by M Aze

Rudolph with his lady love.

Image by Randy Son Of Robert

A lovely grouping of Red and Gold decorations is very festive. It seems Frosty has left the Snowmen post to hang out on the Red and Gold post.

Image by Nevit Dilmen

Giraffe #174's stocking is Red Orange and the moon/stars are close to Gold so we'll let him stay.


  1. Omg- this day should be PINK.
    It's my birthday.
    But I love this time of year with
    all the colors. You've done a
    wonderful job, as usual.

    Pink Kitty

    1. Remind me next year and I'll definitely put some pink up for your birthday!

    2. I will! :) I wonder if any of your girraffee friends have any pink?