Monday, December 3, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Ice Blue

Ice, ice, ice. Cool, refreshing icebergs.

Image by daita

Ice Blue peeking through an ice bridge.

Image by pstphoto

Or refreshing icicles.

Image by tlindenbaum

What better way to refresh oneself than with a cupcake with Ice Blue frosting.

Image by Angelina Cupcake

Now we need a plate to put the cupcake on.

Etsy Shop: tarquinantique

One sure way I can always feel refreshed is with . . . Jewelry! Let's start with a cocktail ring.

Etsy Shop: LarimarAndSilver

Or maybe one with an Ice Blue Geode.

Etsy Shop: HardCandyGems

Can't forget earrings.

Etsy Shop: LaLaCrystal

These earrings match the cupcake. I guess I'll have to get both pairs.

Etsy Shop: Stilltreejewellery

I would love to eat that cupcake while looking out the window on this Ice Blue winter scene.

Etsy Shop: Frankenkitty

Giraffes don't really do ice, but I prevailed upon Giraffes #164 to help out.


  1. Ice blue is now my most favourite colour! Especially when it is the colour of frosting on a cupcake, mmmmmm.

    1. Isn't that the most yummy looking cupcake?

  2. This is a pretty color. I've always liked it. I made a dress
    for one of my nieces weddings, almost this color. It was satin.

    Pink Kitty