Friday, November 30, 2012

The Art of the Tissue Box

My students each have their own tissue box on their desk. When they run out of tissues, they get a note to take home to their parents to let them know they need a new box. They also get to stomp on the box to flatten it and take it home as a reminder to bring a new box. Of course they love this part.

What I love is seeing all the designs on the tissue boxes. I usually buy the same brand of tissues and had no idea how artistic tissue boxes had become. Check out these fancy tissue boxes.

There are plain stripes.

And fancy stripes.

Dots and teardrops.

Even radiating teardrops.


And circles.

Wavy lines.

And autumn leaves.

I would love to have wrapping paper Giraffe #162 on a tissue box.


  1. You are so can take anything & make it intersting... A tissue box...really?

    But you make it fun... i never really noticed how clever those companies are making boring boxes into something pleasant to look at. Good job!

    One more thing...Mr Girraffee could star on any tissue box he would like. Simply cut the paper & glue to're so clever I bet you could do this ;)

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment.

      I think I'll also cut out pink Christmas angels and glue them to my tissue box. ;)