Sunday, November 18, 2012

Making Autumn Leaves

This week my students got to use their watercolors for the first time. They had the most fun painting autumn leaves. When the leaves dried, the students cut them out and glued them onto trees they had drawn on brown paper.

I love the look on the Jack-O-Lantern's face as he's watching the leaves fall.

I wonder if the girl is happy because of the ghost or the falling leaves?

What a neat and tidy part of the forest.

It's very creative the way this student glued a leaf on the ground.

It's all about love for this student.

Such bright and colorful Autumn leaves.

These leaves are falling in a very orderly manner, aren't they?

This student created lovely multi-colored leaves.

Is that Batman waiting for the leaves to fall?

One of the reasons I love watercolor is the way the water creates interesting textures and designs. I've highlighted a few of the leaves I particularly like.

The water spots are great on this purple leaf.

This is my favorite of the individual leaves. The student blended the colors so well that the color looks very natural.

Poor Giraffe #155. No falling Autumn leaves for you.


  1. Aww, kids are great. I remember doing this sort of thing when I was in elementary school and having such a fun time.

    -Ani Rae

    1. Me, too. And my kids were enjoying it to the max!