Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leaves, Leaves, Autumn Leaves

I do love leaves, especially when they turn beautiful colors. I found a couple of leaves and took pictures just for fun.

But in nature, leaves won't stay beautiful. So I've turned to art to find beautiful leaves that won't change. Some I found around school. Watercolor ~ my favorite art medium.

It's amazing what can be done with tissue paper.

And what beauty I found in different artists' interpretations of Autumn. The orange colors of Autumn are so lovely.

Autumn Woods, Albert Bierstadt, 1886

On the Saco, Albert Bierstadt

Autumn Leaves, John Buxton Knight, 1895

Autumn Leaves, Philippe Robert, 1909

I also really love trees that have lost their leaves.

Autumn Landscape, Laszlo Mednyanszky, 1890

Especially birch trees.

Autumnal moorland in a birch grove, Adolf Kaufmann, 1916
October, Yefim Volkov, 1883

Giraffe mommy and baby #153 don't seem really interested in the leafless trees behind them.


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  2. OOO the leaves are so pretty... in so cal we don't really have such pretty one year a g/f in RI sent me picture of some pretty leaves. Every year at this time I repost them for her. She is as kind & thoughtful as you are.

    Pink Kitty

    1. Oh, thank you, Pink Kitty. (I wish I could find some pink leaves.)

  3. I love autumn. It's one of my favorite seasons because of the gorgeous colors. I love seeing the different colored leaves. :)

    -Ani Rae