Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flowers Through My Camera Lens

I love pictures of flowers, but so far all the ones I've posted have been taken by other people. Finally I've taken some myself.

A parent brought these flowers. Aren't the colors gorgeous?

The buds are beautiful, too.

We have a lovely grandparent who helps out at the school. She often brings flowers from her garden. This hydrangea is an amazing color. I've been looking at this flower for a week and finally decided to take a picture. It almost looks like a paper flower. It hasn't wilted at all. I think I'll take a look at her thumb next time I see her. I'm sure it will be green.

She also brought other flowers from her garden.

I decided to stroll around the school and see what flowers and plants I could find.

These succulents created a nice composition.

A neighbor has some beautiful roses. It was fun taking pictures and cropping them in different ways.

They may not be real, but these flowers are certainly colorful.

I wonder if Giraffe #149 is thinking about eating the flowers? This card is very special to me. Two friends drove me to have a surgical procedure some years ago and while I was at the hospital they went shopping and bought me a set of animal greeting cards. Of course the giraffe ones were my favorite. Miss Lori, our wonderful second grade teacher, was one of those friends. I haven't forgotten, Miss Lori!


  1. Hi, i found out how to make your followers appear. At least it worked with my blog.
    You must edit your followers options and uncheck "limits". ( my blog is in portuguese. Not sure if they use the same expression in english ). cheers

    1. humano~

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know how this worked for you. I will try it.

      I will check out your blog, too!

  2. Oh wow. I love flowers. They are so beautiful and expressive. You took some lovely shots Anna.

    -Ani Rae

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Massimo.

      No, none of the flowers are mine. Some are from the garden of a volunteer at my school, some are from around the school and my neighborhood.

      I agree. They are beautiful flowers. I wish I could grow them!

  4. I loved the green soothing...I agree the ring is pretty. The girraffees are darling & shame on girraffee #150 for not waiting for you to play on the water with him!

    1. Lol! Girraffees can be very temperamental, can't they?