Thursday, November 8, 2012

Country of the Week ~ New Zealand

Water, water everywhere. New Zealand is an island country. But having water surrounding all sides isn't enough. It has water inside, too. And such water.

How about the longest river in New Zealand, Waikato River? Isn't this a dramatic shot?

Image by Quiltsalad

And speaking of dramatic, I can almost hear  the crashing waterfall at Milford Sound in Fjordland, New Zealand, and feel the spray.

Image by kangotraveler

I wish I could hear the sound of Roaring Meg Rapids out of Queenstown.

Image by Anthony Cramp

The drama from this view at Milford Sound comes from the rock faces that are over 3,900 feet tall.
Image by kayadams

The mountains of Mt. Cook over Lake Ohau give a more peaceful feeling.
Image by Anthony Cramp

Sunrise on Lake Manapouri is like a painting. If I can't see this up close, I'd love to have it on the wall to look upon.
Image by twinxamot

The mirror-like Lake Matheson, near Fox Glacier, South Island, New Zealand, reflects the trees and clouds perfectly.
Image by Shoops2011

I love the colors in this photograph of Wooli River in New South Wales, and the design in the foreground. It would be fun to dip my toes in the water.
Image by Anthony Cramp

Or maybe I'll walk barefoot in the swells here.
Image by benedict.adam

Looks like Giraffe #150 has started playing on the water without me.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful shots. I did a report on New Zealand in high school so I actually recognize some of these places. I would love to go, but that is one long flight. :)

    -Ani Rae

    1. How fun that you recognize some of the places. It certainly is a beautiful country.