Friday, November 16, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Kenya

Well, hello there!

Image by Mara 1

Perhaps we should move back a bit. A White Rhino that close might not be the greatest idea. But it is wonderful to see all the incredible animals in their native environments in Kenya. Wouldn't a safari be fun? Let's imagine we are on one.
We wouldn't have to worry if the King of Beasts is hungry.

Image by Chadica

This Leopard looks sleepy. I wonder if it's true or if he's just waiting for someone to move a little closer.

Image by Mara 1

Shh! Big Kudu ears listening.

Image by Kevin Walsh

I knew we should have been more quiet. This Impala definitely heard us coming.

Image by Chadica

Lots of big ears in Kenya.

Image by Mara 1

And some big horns, too ~ on a Waterbuck.

Image by Mara 1

And on a Wildebeest. Very impressive horns they are, too.

Image by The Dilly Lama

We won't forget our striped animal friends.

Image by Chadica

This beauty is a Mountain Bongo (Antelope). Bongos are the only Tragelaphid in which both sexes have horns.

Image by Chuckupd

Shall we bring in the cuteness factor? This Velvet Monkey ranks right up there.

Image by Chadica

As do these Cheetah Cubs.

Image by Mara 1

I really would like to go on a safari in Kenya someday. If I do, the first animal I want to see would be . . . You guessed it. Now that's up close and personal.

Image by Kurt Thomas Hunt

Until I can get to Kenya for real, I'll look at Giraffe #154, a length of fabric hanging on my wall. 


  1. I think all of those animals were cute in some way or another. Maybe I have weird taste, but I don't care. That Kudu was adorable!

    -Ani Rae

    1. Lol! Can you imagine having ears that big?

      It's it interesting how different animals are?