Friday, November 2, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Hungary

Isn't the color beautiful on Budapest Chain Bridge?

Image by Il conte di Luna from Brescia

More green on the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.

Image by misibacsi

Green seems to be a lovely theme in Budapest.

Image by Civertan

How about the green spires on Saint Ignace Church in Győr, Hungary? I love their shape.

Image by Vadaro

More green spires on the Palota Hotel in Lillafüred, Hungary.

Image by Peti610

This is the symbol of the town of Sopron, the Fire Tower.

Image by Vadaro

Green accents yellow on Száraz-Rudnyánszky Castle.

Image by uzo19

Another impressive green bridge: The Bridge of Maria Valeria which connects Esztergom, Hungary and Štúrovo, Slovakia.

Image by Ervín Pospíšil

Green is climbing up the sides of SiklosCastle.

Image by Takkk

Green framing Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula.

Image by Susulyka

And to the picturesque Valley of Lillafüred from Szelete-tető.

Image by Rodrigo(Miskolc

I love how mysterious this walking path in the Gorge of Pilis looks.

Image by Horvabe

Maybe green Giraffe #146 was born in Hungary.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the walking path! It is so pretty. I don't know, I have a thing for the woods. I think they are so cool and mysterious and you can get some really great shots of them.

    -Ani Rae

  2. I liked the green bridge & the green girraffee

    Pink Kitty

  3. Ani~I love woods pictures, too. They can be so mysterious. You could set a really good story in the woods.

    Pink Kitty~Isn't the green bridge wonderful? It looks like a bridge from a fairy tale.