Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cookie Corn

You've heard of Candy Corn, right?

Image by Candie_N

Candy Corn used to be yellow and orange with a white tip. Now it comes in other colors for other holidays.

Image by ewan traveler

Candy Corn is supposed to resemble a kernel of corn.

Image by Andrew Butko

If it can be candy, it can also be cookie. I found this idea on different blogs and liked it. But it had one little problem. First, I found a different recipe, which had its own problem.

So far, so good. Cream the butter and cream cheese. Add the sugar, egg, and vanilla. Combine flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt and add to the creamed mixture. The problem ingredient?

Yogurt added a tart taste to the cookies, but it also made the cookies sticky. After dividing the dough and coloring one portion yellow and one portion orange, the dough is supposed to firm up in the refrigerator. Due to the yogurt, it stayed sticky. Next time I'll look for a recipe without yogurt.

In the recipes I saw on blogs, the dough was layered and cut diagonally to make triangles. But cutting that way meant half the cookies had white on the bottom instead of at the tip, like real Candy Corn. So I changed the method. I rolled snakes of dough and made circles.

I flattened the circles~

and cut them like a pie. Et voilĂ !

Giraffe #147, you're looking a bit like a Cookie Corn yourself: Yellow, orange and white.

Good thing you can put your head down and hide. I wouldn't want to see anyone take a bite out of you.


  1. Mmmm. Cookies and candy corn together? Now that's a good idea.

    -Ani Rae

  2. gasp the pics of NZ were so pretty!

    Pink Kitty

  3. I love all the girraffees, even if you do spell them wrong =)

    Pink Kitty