Monday, November 26, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Mauve

Mauve is named after the mallow flower.

Tree Mallow Flower, Image by Magnus Manske

Mauve, which rhymes with grove, is in the range of purple colors. It's color is a slightly greyish lavender or pale violet.

Musk Mallow Flower, Image by Derek Harper

Mauve was discovered by Chemist Sir William Henry Perkin. Perkin, at the young age of 18, was trying to create artificial quinine for the treatment of malaria. The residue turned out to be the first aniline dye. It was named Perkin's Mauve or Mauveine. Mauveine faded easily, so our contemporary mauve is a lighter color than the original.

I found a set of texture patterns in Mauve, created by webtreats, that have the most interesting designs. Wouldn't they make a gorgeous quilt?

Maybe I should use these lovely Mauve fabrics for the quilt.

Etsy Shop: themillshoponline

Etsy Shop: themillshoponline

This fabric would certainly jazz up my Mauve quilt.


Or this set of Mauve quilting fabrics. They are lovely just to look at.

Etsy Shop: QuiltsFabricandmore

This necklace and earring set look great in Mauve.

Etsy Shop: JagnaB

Etsy Shop: JagnaB

But an entire building in Mauve? Well why not? Who said buildings can't brighten up the city?

Image by Metro Centric

Mauve Giraffe #160 is ready to decorate buildings anytime.

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  1. Hm, would you look at that? I always thought mauve was a deeper, almost burgandy, color. You learn something new everyday. :)

    -Ani Rae