Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nothing Says Sunny Like a Sunflower

Or even better, a field full of Sunflowers.


How about a Sunflower up close and personal? What an artist nature is.

Image by 3268zauber

Miss Cindy, one of my coworkers, made Sunflowers the theme in her third-grade class.

She brought Sunflowers show the students.

Her students set to work painting their interpretations of a Sunflower.

What great artists Miss Cindy has.

Another teacher brought in a dried Sunflower head for the students to see. I was fascinated, too.

Vincent van Gogh tried his hand at Sunflowers. In fact he did two series of Sunflowers. This is the third version with a blue-green background.

And this is the fourth version with a yellow background.

But my favorite is the first version with a turquoise background. Not sunny, but so beautiful.

I think Giraffe #129 is trying to look like a Sunflower. (I have giraffes that look like camels, so why not one that looks like a starfish?)

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  1. No disrespect to the giraffe, but he's got crazy eyes. Makes me wonder just what he's thinking...

    -Ani Rae