Friday, October 12, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Czech Republic

Last week I posted a picture in the Country of the Week that had a reflection. This week I found some beautiful reflection pictures of the Czech Republic.

This makes me think of autumn. The colors are reflected so wonderfully in the water of Brno Reservoir in Brno.

Image by Harold

Isn't Červená Lhota Castle interesting? It's very different from other castles I've seen, but no less intriguing.

Image by GFDL

Here another view of the castle taken by a different photographer.

Image by Richenza

Castles do reflect well in water, don't they? This castle is Chvalkovice, in east Bohemia.

Image by Karelj

I love the reflected clouds in this shot of Wild Pond in the village of Dobev. It's in the South Bohemian district of Sand.

Image by Richenza

At first I thought this picture was upside down. Then I realized it's the reflection only. Isn't it great?

Image by Hvezdar71

I love leafless trees and this place is so atmospheric. Perfect for a rendezvous.

Image by Pavel Hrdlička, Wikipedia

For our final picture of the Czech Republic, we have a photo op for some geese that are far from home ~ Canada Geese in the Prague Zoo. They don't seem interested in their reflection, but I like it.

Image by Karelj

Giraffe #133 is astonished at the clear reflection he sees in the water.

I did try taking a reflection shot. Not too bad for my first attempt, but I can understand why Giraffe #133 prefers the first picture.

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  1. Castles are so interesting! I want to visit one some day. :)

    -Ani Rae