Friday, October 26, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Brazil

Want to know what Brazil looks like? This photo was taken from inside the cave of Poço Azul, at Chapada Diamantina. The rocks form a natural map of Brazil. Isn't this an amazing shot?

Image by Denise Mayumi

Look at this gorgeous beach at Aquiraz, Ceara. That water is such a deep blue and what a beautiful sky. I will definitely have to check this beach out.

Image by lautsu

If we really want to see water, though, we'll need to visit Iguassu Falls. Isn't this impressive?

Image by over_kind_man

Speaking of impressive shots, this is a partial solar eclipse in Campinas, Sao Paolo.

Image by giumaiolini

Now this picture of a wild parrot in Sao Paolo is really different. It's called: Sliced Parrot.

Image by giumaiolini

"What? Sliced parrot? Why would anyone do that?" squawks his friend.

Image by giumaiolini

This is a Brazilian Walnut Tree. The flowers are so beautiful they deserve their own closeup.

Image by mauroguanandi

Image by mauroguanandi

The Erythrina Speciosa is a tree native to Brazil. It is pollinated by hummingbirds.

Image by mauroguanandi

This bee seems to be enjoying the nectar from this flower as much as I'm enjoying looking at the flower.

Image by mauroguanandi

When I get to Brazil, I hope I find this enchanting street. You wouldn't even need a phone to talk to your neighbors across the way.

Image by Diego3336

Do you love electrical storms as much as I do? This one in Rio de Janeiro looks to be a beauty.

Image by laszlo-photo

I guess the Giraffe #141 family doesn't like electrical storms.

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  1. Brazil looks like a beauty. :)

    -Ani Rae