Monday, October 15, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Black and White

What do you think of when you read "Black and White?" This?

Image by André Karwath aka Aka

Did you know that each zebra's stripe pattern is unique? Compare the stripe pattern of this foal to the others.

Image by Lestat (Jan Mehlich)

These three zebras will match their stripe patterns with all comers.

Image by Paulmaz. Modified by Pharaoh Hound

I think this fellow is waiting for his dentist appointment.

Image by Alvesgaspar

Zebras must be very affectionate animals with each other, because I've seen quite a few pictures with them resting their heads on each other. Either that or they are very tired of holding their heads up.
Image by Paul Shaffner

Image by Nevit Dilmen

Image by _ubik_

Maybe you didn't think of zebras first. Maybe you thought of Dalmations. And isn't this puppy a beauty?
Image by Bree

Or did you think of cats? 
Image by Fraxinus Croat

I love the way this cat has accessorized herself with a Black and White scarf.
Image by Es56413

There are more Black and White animals than I thought of at first. How about these goats? Isn't it interesting that there is such a marked division between the Black and the White?
Image by 4028mdk09

Once I started looking for black and white animals, I just couldn't stop!
Image by Ton Rulkens

Image by Richard Bartz

Image by Anne Burgess

Image by Mike Baird

Image by User:Dante Alighieri

Image by Richard Bartz

Image by Cubanito2009

Image by shi zhao

Image by Cary Michael Bass

These aren't animals, but since I've never seen Black and White shells I wanted to include them.

Image by Amada44

Lest you think only animals are Black and White, this is what I found the other day as I left my house for work.

When I got to work: My parking lot!

And a delightful picture from one of my students. I look good in Black and White, don't you think?

Giraffe #135 isn't just a pretty cup. It holds sharpened pencils for my students.


  1. "look to the cookie Elaine." remember that line from Sienfield? how come no black and while cookie?

    1. I do remember! Unfortunately the zebras got to the black and white cookies before I could get a picture. :(

  2. Oh my gosh that tiger! I adore tigers. They are so pretty! I also adore cats and dogs and bi - well okay, not really birds. They kind of freak me out. :)

    -Ani Rae