Monday, October 22, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Black and Silver

I didn't know if I wanted to do Black and Silver or Black and Gold this week, but suddenly Black and Silver were popping up everywhere.

In the women's bathroom at work.

In Mr. M.'s office (my boss). This globe spins slowly around.

In my own classroom. This is my wonderful document camera, which projects whatever I put under it onto my Smart Board.

On my wrist.

On a student. Oh, how I'd love this sweatshirt!

Hanging in my living room. I painted this egg silver. Then I put the moon and star stickers on and painted over it with black. I put silver glitter on and then removed the stickers.

I looked through my jewelry and found quite a few Black and Silver pieces.

I made this from polymer clay.

My sister, lover of all things dragonfly, has already seen this hair clip. If it wasn't a present from one of my students, she might have been able to wheedle it away from me.

I'm sure this locket is meant for a picture, but I like to imagine a daring lady spy keeping poison in it.

I can't forget my camera. What a treasure it is to me. I even took a picture of my camera with my camera!

Giraffe #139 is the perfect place for Black and Silver buttons.

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  1. I like silver much better than gold. My sister is the same way but my mom doesn't agree. She's a gold person. I think black and silver compliment each other nicely. :)

    -Ani Rae