Monday, October 8, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Black and Red

I've been collecting objects of different colors so I could do some artistic photos. I began with Black and Red.

And more artistic photos from some really creative photographers. This work is called The Red and the Black.

Image by Lars (Lon) Olsson

This is a Mandelbrot fractal created with Fractint. I have no idea what that means, but I do like the image.

Image by 84user

I love the patterns in this photo.

A parasol at a temple in Kyoto, Japan.

And the underside of the parasol.

Isn't this door beautiful?

Image by Frank Vincentz

I laughed when I saw this Flag of pirate Edward Low.

Image by Orem

Just for fun: Make sure to watch it for a few seconds.

Image by Gthcommon

Thank goodness Giraffe #131 (a notebook) has a friend to bring some black to the party.

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  1. o.O Clifford the Big Red Dog! I saw him in those half red, half black pictures Anna. I used to love him. :)

    -Ani Rae