Monday, September 24, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Red Orange

Red Orange is red with a little orange in it. Or orange with a little red in it. It matters not. What's important is that it is a vibrant color, as evidenced by this autumn Red Orange tree.
Image by Joel יוֹאֵל

And this fall leaves wallpaper. I'm sure this is going on my desktop soon.

Fall Leaves Wallpaper

Another desktop wallpaper that I will want to use. So many wallpapers, so few desktops!

The Red Orange Flame

This Royale Fleur flower is a rich Red Orange color.

Image by Arria Belli

As is this Red Orange Hibiscus.

Imagine the beautiful jewelry that could be made from these crystals of Wulfenite.

Image by Rob Lavinsky,

Maybe a necklace like this.


Just to prove how much I love Red Orange, I used to have a car this color. And it had a black hood, too.

Image by John Filiss

Well look who wandered in. Any color is a good color for a giraffe, even Red Orange.


Giraffe #122 thinks it's a great accent color.

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  1. Red oragne is such a pretty color. I love when the leaves start changing and you can see the great variety of colors in them, but the red oragne ones I generally my favorite. :)

    -Ani Rae