Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spotlight on Apples

I like doing art projects that my students do. I decided to try doing a stained-glass apple with lots of spaces and use colored pencils. Maybe I'll try one with even more lines so it looks like a mosaic.

Then I tried doing curved lines and using markers. I took pictures of the apples on different colored construction paper to see how it changed the look of the stained glass apple. Which do you like best?

Giraffe #125 looks like he wants to become a stained-glass giraffe.

Friday, September 28, 2012

An Apple A Day

Wednesday, September 26 was the anniversary of John Chapman's birth. John Chapman is more commonly known as Johnny Appleseed. He introduced apple trees to parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

We prepared for his birthday by making paper stained-glass apples to decorate our hallway. To begin, the students drew lines on their apples with rulers. They then colored each section, outlined the sections with black, cut them out and glued their apples on colored construction paper.

On Wednesday, we sampled four varieties of apples: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Pink Lady.

The general consensus was: Delicious! Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed.

Giraffe #124 likes the apple that matches her bib.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Egypt

Egypt is an ancient civilization. One thing I find so interesting are the hieroglyphs. This is from the Memphis museum. In the background is a statue of Ramses II.

Image by en:User:Chmouel

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the most important Egyptian museum in the world. Inside are such ancient Egyptian antiquities as this central element of a gorget representing the vulture goddess Nekhabit.

Image by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

And this detail of the throne of Tutankhamun.

Image by Jerzy Strzelecki

Of course the jewelry interested me. I wonder what it was like for Princess Sit-Hathor Yunet, the daughter of the 12th dynasty pharaoh, Senusret II, and the sister of pharaoh Senusret III, to wear this crown.

Image by Hans Ollermann

Isn't this a beautiful piece of work? It's a jeweled falcon of Tutankhamun holding the 'ankh' or sign for life in Ancient Egypt.

Image by dalbera

Kohl is an eye paint that was an important cosmetic for ancient Egyptians. It was stored in kohl tubes into which a kohl stick was inserted. These kohl tubes are made of glass. Kohl is still used as a cosmetic today.

Image by Vassil

Looks like Giraffe #123 has been dipping into the kohl tube, too. Isn't she pretty? I got her from Avon. Her name: Giraffe-a-Bath.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Red Orange

Red Orange is red with a little orange in it. Or orange with a little red in it. It matters not. What's important is that it is a vibrant color, as evidenced by this autumn Red Orange tree.
Image by Joel יוֹאֵל

And this fall leaves wallpaper. I'm sure this is going on my desktop soon.

Fall Leaves Wallpaper

Another desktop wallpaper that I will want to use. So many wallpapers, so few desktops!

The Red Orange Flame

This Royale Fleur flower is a rich Red Orange color.

Image by Arria Belli

As is this Red Orange Hibiscus.

Imagine the beautiful jewelry that could be made from these crystals of Wulfenite.

Image by Rob Lavinsky,

Maybe a necklace like this.


Just to prove how much I love Red Orange, I used to have a car this color. And it had a black hood, too.

Image by John Filiss

Well look who wandered in. Any color is a good color for a giraffe, even Red Orange.


Giraffe #122 thinks it's a great accent color.