Thursday, August 9, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Galah.

The Galah is a rose-breasted cockatoo. It is a common cockatoo and is found in almost all parts of mainland Australia.

I had never heard of nor seen this particular type of cockatoo. Once I saw a picture of it I knew I wanted to use it. They are such beautiful birds.

Photo by KeresH

A female Galah displays her crest.

Photo by JJ Harrison

These two Galahs live at the Blackpool Zoo, England.

Photo by Steve Wilson

G is for Gardens. I'm familiar with flower gardens and vegetable gardens, but there are so many other interesting types of gardens. 

Bahai ~ Shrine of the Báb at Mount Carmel.

Photo by Юкатан

Chinese ~ Berlin-Marzahn Recreational Park

Photo by Jochen Jansen

French Formal ~ 'Chateau de Villandry' in the Loire Valley

Source: Daderot

Renaissance ~ Castel Pieskowa Skała, Poland

Photo by Jan Jerszyński

G is for Ganache. After tending to one's garden, a little sustenance would be welcome. And what better than . . . chocolate. 

Ganache is very simple to make. Heat heavy cream, pour it over chopped chocolate and stir. Click on the caption to watch it being done.

Fanny Schertzer, Ludovic Péron

Ganache on Samoa cupcakes. 

by Joy

Ganache can be used to decorate, as in this spiderweb on a cherry-iced cupcake. I hope the spider doesn't come back too soon.

by alicia rae

Ganache can also be made with white chocolate.

by boo lee

Napkin Giraffe #98 will be happy to clean up the Ganache. I just hope he doesn't eat it all, too.


  1. Look at those two love birds. :)

    Now I want some chocolate.

    -Ani Rae