Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Country of the Week: Ecuador

Let's start our visit to Ecuador by sitting at Quinta San Miguel Yahuarcocha. With this beauty, we may never want to leave.

Image by Cristian Cifuentes

But then we would miss New Muelle Municipal, Babahoyo. I like the tiled roofs and colorful boats. How refreshing it looks.

Image by Arturoyerovi

More boats, here from the city of Bahía de Caráquez.

Image by Jmorenov007

This golden horse in Santa Rosa, Ecuador, seems to be jumping out of the cannon.

Image by Jhover box

What a a mystical feeling this photo of paragliding in Crucita beach evokes.

Image by Sebastián De la Cadena

Now this picture just makes me laugh. The vicuña seems to be saying, "I'm ready for my photo op whenever you are." In the background is Cihimborazo volcano.

Image by David Torres Costales / @DavoTC

What beautiful foliage in this shot of the rain forest in Tena. Tena is known as the cinnamon capital of Ecuador.

Image by Lion Hirth (Prissantenbär)

Now for some birds. First, the Blue-crowned Manakin, a species in the Pipridae family. What a beauty he is.

Image by Geoff Gallice

One of my favorites, the toucan.

Image by Daph Chloe

This little guy looks like he has something to say. Maybe he'll tell us about where he lives at Elizabeth Bay on the island of Isabela, Galapagos.

Image by putneymark

What better way to end the day than on the beach at Playa de Mompiche. Someday I hope I can visit Ecuador. And I'll be sure to buy some cinnamon.

Image by Dr. Carlos Costales Terán

Giraffe #109 looks like she would love to visit Ecuador, too. I wonder if we'd find any of her relatives?


  1. I love the bird with the bright blue hair. It's very stylish, don't you think?

    -Ani Rae