Thursday, August 23, 2012

An End and a Beginning ~ Country of the Week: Ireland

Last Thursday marked the end of my alphabetic posts. I know S isn't the last letter of the alphabet, but since I started with W, it is fitting that I ended with S.

Now for something new. My viewing audience encompasses the globe. As a way of thanking my viewers from around the world I'm going to feature some interesting pictures from a different country each week.

Let us enter our Country of the Week through the doors of Ireland.

Here we have a Dublin Georgian doorway. This was the home of the lawyer Edward Mayne 1791-1878 and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Henn, Master in Chancery (1793). What a beautiful fan window at the top.

Image by D Gore

I love this one with it's small, square windows. Though I am glad I don't have to clean them.

Image by Ardfern

Green is a fitting color for the former headquarters of the Football Association of Ireland in Dublin.


Since we had a green door, let us now have a blue door. A very bright, blue door. This is the Queen's University Department of Law in South Belfast. Most of the terrace has similar doorways. I would love to take pictures all the doors and see if I could find how they are different.

Image by Albert Bridge

What an interesting pair of doors, each with their own unique windows and molding. These two doors reside in Athlone, County Westmeath.


These two doors in Dunfanaghy are so bright I don't think anyone could pass by without checking them out.

Image by Joseph Mischyshyn

I love a red door, and isn't this one in Tullamore, County Offaly a beauty?

Image by Ardfern

The yellow on the gate, door and house on Valentia Island makes me want to knock and ask if I can come and live here.

Image by Jibi44

I think Giraffe #106 is yellow enough to live in that lovely island home with me. He's ready whenever I am.

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  1. Makes me want to paint my front door. :)

    -Ani Rae