Thursday, July 5, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Quoin. A quoin is the cornerstone of a brick or stone wall. 

Quoins can be part of the structural building or they can be decorative. They can be used to give the impression of strength.

Decorative quoining most often uses an alternate pattern that wraps around the wall.

Palazzo Aragona Gonzaga, Rome

Cast Stone Quoin

Elliott Brown

Q is for Quadrille. A quadrille is a dance performed by four couples. The formation is a rectangle. The quadrille is a precursor to the square dance.

This illustration of a quadrille dance is from an engraved print by Legas from the beginning of the 1820's. The figure shown is the summer figure, or L'été. Don't these dancers have the tiniest feet?

This watercolor shows the first quadrille danced at Almack's (1765 to 1871), where fashionable men and women attended Wednesday night balls during the social season in London. That's quite the dashing young man doing his one-foot step.

Q is for Quilling, an art form that uses strips of paper wound around a quill and formed into decorative designs.

Antonella DeFalco

The designs that can be made by quilling are endless.




Do you suppose . . . ? Yes, yes there is.

Quilled Giraffe

Don't let the title fool you. Giraffes really can dance. Are you getting ready for the quadrille, Giraffe #76?

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