Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spirit of Classroom Past ~ Part IV ~ Walkabout

Must start with a giraffe.

Class schedule. (No, you can't skip to lunch.)

Class art.

Our ever-present audience.

One glad, one mad.

Make that two mad. Yes, they did stay up all year. Periodically a student would ask for the two-faced jack-o-lantern to be turned around. Of course most of the students liked the mad face the best.

The Helper wrote the assignments on the board. One got creative.

A cutout . . .

Led to a particularly lovely self portrait.

A pink bat flew into class one day.

A butterfly flew in right behind.

An important message for us all.

Rings on her fingers.

I guess this is the end of our tour.

I wonder if Giraffe #79's mate is resting in peace?

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