Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hand Me That Fan, Please

Ever since I learned to fold a piece of construction paper to make a fan I have loved hand fans. They are so beautiful to look at and I can only imagine how much fun they were for ladies of bygone days to use. 

Some hand fans have gorgeous pictures.

Reproduction Hand Fan, French Courting Scene

Hand-painted silk/ivory fan, c.1910.

Vintage Ivory, Lace Ladies Fan

Très chic.

French hand-painted silk fan, c.1865.

What a lovely pair these lace fans make.

Antique Victorian Lace Hand Fans

Even if it's not an antique, this Japanese hand fan is beautiful to look at.

Japanese Hand Fan with Pagoda

This one is from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

St. Louis World's Fair Hand-painted Fan

Another hand-painted fan, this one from the 1860's. It's quite a work of art, isn't it?

1860's Hand Painted Ivory Fan

A companion piece to this week's Theme-It Thursday is a dance engagement card for January 11, 1887 in the shape of a fan. Inside all the dances were listed with a space to record the partner for the dance. The dances for the evening were: Valse, polka, lancers and quadrille

Published by Marcus Ward & Co Ltd

I have a few fans of my own. None were expensive, but they are still fun to have.

One of my students recently gave me this fan. I think it's lovely.

Fans make beautiful decorations. This is one of my favorites.

This pair of fan-shaped earrings are another favorite.

My most treasured fan is a brooch that belonged to one of my mother's relatives.

Giraffe #77 has heard about the fan action and he is ready.


  1. Great blog :-) I love hand fans... check out for some really "cool" fashionable designer hand fans !!

  2. Thank you, Sharon. :)

    I checked out your site. Your fans are so beautiful!