Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Of the Week - Chartreuse

The color Chartreuse is named for the resemblance to the color of the French liqueurs. The color is halfway between yellow and green.

Chartreuse Liqueur

You can make a cocktail with it. I wonder if the name means that once you drink it you can't talk.

Sacred Silence Cocktail

I once painted my bedroom the color of this iPhone case. I accented it with red curtains, chair and bedspread and a black table. I painted one wall and the ceiling white. It was quite dramatic.

A necklace is beautiful in Chartreuse.

I love these earrings I made from Polymer clay.

And Chartreuse nail polish will certainly make a statement.

Wild Thing by Pure Ice

Especially if worn with this beautiful purse. The two were made for each other.

Are those Chartreuse spots I see on Giraffe #78?


  1. Were you able to sleep in that room?!

  2. Yep! Of course it was dark and I had my eyes closed. ;)

    I actually had the color mixed specially. I felt so avant-garde.