Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spirit of Classroom Past ~ Part III

When it's raining outside the children have recess in the classroom. They love the toys they get to play with. Here is a school made from counting bears.

At the top left are the lockers. Going clockwise, next comes the bathroom and then the office. The group of blue bears are students in a classroom, with the teacher at the front. The long hallway is the entrance, to the left is the recess area and finally another classroom, this time for the green students.

The bears were a popular building material.

Wooden blocks were well liked.

As were linker cubes. A fortress, perhaps?

Students also liked creating things from scrap paper.

A few students just liked to color.

And at least one student would do a portrait of me. With a friend. We look remarkably alike, don't we?

Giraffe #73 thinks he would be perfect for rainy-day recesses.

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