Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spirit of Classroom Past ~ Part II

Since zebras were part of this week's theme day, it seems a good time to introduce my quietest student this year. I present ~ Stripey.

Stripey was a friend to all the students. He got to keep the daily Helper company. He acquired a friend, Stipey, courtesy of one of the students. He was also given a basket to sit in and some toys to play with.

One day a student brought in Stripey's father.

The students had a lot of fun with Stripey and Stipey throughout the year.


The Helper of the day was allowed to take Stripey home overnight. They wrote stories about Stripey's visit.

One student did a special picture of me taking Stripey and Stipey for a walk. It's one of my favorite pictures.

I don't think Giraffe #66 likes all this attention being given to Stripey.


  1. Wow...Anna...I don't usually say things like this but you really need to eat are painfully thin!


    Another wonderful blog!