Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spirit of Classroom Past ~ Part I

The simple things are often those which make me happiest in the classroom. The laughter of the students; seeing the learning going on behind their eyes; pictures they drew for me.

One of the funniest times was taking pictures of their socks. It came about when I noticed one student with two different socks and took her picture. After that others wanted their pictures taken in their socks. (Who can resist the opportunity to take off their shoes in class?)

From socks, we moved on to shoes and boots.

I would have worn Giraffe #63 to school if they were big enough for my feet.


  1. I love socks. The crazier the better. I exchange socks with a g/f from another job.
    We enjoyed it so much even though I'm not
    there we have kept it up.

    Pink Kitty

    1. I love fun socks, too. My students always ask to see what socks I'm wearing.