Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Butterfly Day, Butterfly!

I was looking at ecards this weekend and found out today is Butterfly Day. I'm not really sure how long this has been a holiday or who declared it a holiday. But it's just as good an excuse to put up some butterfly pictures as any other. And the first one fits with the color of the week. A beautiful Tiffany Blue butterfly.

Papilionidae butterfly

Did you know that there are 17,500 species of butterflies in the world? Or that butterflies and moths are the only group of insects that have scales covering their wings? 

One of these butterflies might just be my next desktop background.

Butterfly Desktop Background

Butterfly Desktop Background

I made a butterfly pin for my mother when I was in the Girl Scouts years ago. She saved it and now I have it as a remembrance.

I love the colors on this butterfly pin. Can you tell I didn't make this one?

A friend gave me these earrings. Hearts and butterflies, a winning combination.

Giraffe #68 says, "Let's party, Butterflies!"

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