Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Of the Week - Cerise

The word Cerise is French for cherry. I would love to look out the window and see these beautiful Cerise tulips in my yard.

Spring Tulip

Or this lovely dahlia. It's a work of art.

The first recorded use of the word Cerise is from Crochet Explained and Illustrated, by Cornelia Mee. London: David Bogue, Fleet Street (1846), p. 117. Here is a portion of the text.

"One skein of shaded cerise, 2 of plain bright cerise, and 1 of black crochet silk, and 3 bunches of No. 6 steel beads are required."

I wonder if they had instructions for crocheted flower pots in 1846?

Cerise pink pot

Would you like Cerise-colored hair?

Cerise Hair Colour

I like this beautiful 80s vintage dress in Cerise.

80s Vintage Cerise Pink Crochet Dress

And this Cerise-colored handbag to go with it.

Longchamp Travel Bag Cerise

Bath time with almost-Cerise Giraffe #71.

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