Thursday, May 17, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Veranda. I've always wanted a veranda, although I've always thought of it as a porch. 

Veranda sounds like hot summer evenings with a cool breeze, sitting lazily in a glider/swing with a glass of icy lemonade. So I've decided to upgrade to a veranda.

Now if I'm going to have a veranda, I might as well have one with a lovely view.


I love the blue shutters and chair cushions. They make this veranda look cool and inviting. The perfect place to spend the day. Maybe I'll bring a mattress out and sleep here, too. How lovely would that be?

Avantika Arora

V is for Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant that catches insects and other small prey. 

Venus Flytrap

It has trigger hairs that are sensitive to touch.

Trigger Hairs

When the hairs are touched enough to bend, the Venus Flytrap closes on its prey. 

Closed Venus Flytrap

If you grow a Venus Flytrap outside it will get enough insects to eat, but if you grow it inside you are supposed to feed it a couple of times a month. I had a Venus Flytrap years ago. 

I didn't know I was supposed to feed it and I don't think I ever saw it with any insects. But I did like to touch the trigger hairs with my finger to watch it close. Good thing it didn't have teeth or it might have taken a bite out of me.

V is for Violin. The violin is a beautiful string instrument, the smallest and highest pitched of the violin family,

The violin is one of my favorite instruments to listen to. Whether classical played by Sarah Chang:

Or hip hop by Josh Vietti:

Or Irish fiddle by the amazing duo of Neal Pointon and Ciaran Algar. I love it all.

These young men are so good I just have to include another. (Plus I just learned how to embed a YouTube video, so I want to show off!)

Giraffe #55 says he's figured out a way to get with the theme.

Does he look like a V?

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