Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Ice Skater. I love watching figure skaters and ice dancers. The way they flow across the ice is amazing to me. I took ice skating lessons twice in my life: Once when I was a child. They didn't last long as I kept getting sick.

The second time was in college. I didn't do very well. As a matter of fact, I was worse when I finished than I was when I started. Thank goodness it doesn't take any skill to watch skaters who actually know what they are doing.

My favorite figure skater is Kristi Yamaguchi. She won the ladies' gold medal in the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.


I is for Iceland. When I flew to Europe on Icelandic Airlines we stopped at the Keflavik International Airport in Reykjavik.

Unfortunately I didn't even get to see this much as we flew in at night. Perhaps someday I'll visit and get to see some of the city. It looks interesting.

I is for Islands. Have you ever thought about leaving the hustle and bustle of the world behind and living on an island?

If I'm going to live on an island, I'd need a house. Hmm, maybe that's a little more isolated than I need.


If I'm going to live on an island, I won't be able to pack a lot. I will need a bathing suit, of course, and Giraffe #52 will help me carry it.

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