Thursday, May 3, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
T is for Teal. This is one of my favorite colors. "Teal is a low-saturation color, a bluish-green to dark medium, similar to medium blue-green and dark cyan."

Now if you want that in simple language, you can read it on Simple English Wikipedia. I didn't even know this site existed, but it certainly does make it a little easier to see the different meanings of teal.

Google has a lot of different shades and tints of teal. I just set this one as my desktop background.

T is for Topiary, the art of training plants into shapes. I can barely remember to water the two plants I have (and by remember I mean when I see their leaves start drooping). But it would be fun to come home and see an elephant family walking across the lawn.

Though not as much fun as seeing a giraffe there.

T is for Toucan. The toucan is one of the most interesting birds. Its bill always looks like it's made of satin fabric. And did you know the bill can be more than half the length of the body? That's one very large mouth! But fortunately, not a heavy mouth. Check out some other facts about toucans here.
photo by supernova

I have my own little toucan to keep me company.

If I put a few leaves on Giraffe #49, do you suppose he could be a topiary?

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