Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did You See That?

The Mad Scientist paid another visit to my class. This time he was talking about optical illusions, something I find fascinating. My students did, too. They counted the towels in this pictures. How many do you see?

Oops! That's not an optical illusion. That's Karl, the Mad Scientist. Here are the towels.

If you guessed two, you were wrong. The lighter-colored towel is really a dog. Of course my class thought that was great. (So did I.)

This optical illusion is one I love because even though I know the two dots are the same distance apart, I still think the two on the right look closer.

Here are a few more optical illusions. In the first, the figures are all the same size. They really don't look it, do they.

This next one has always been a favorite. Can you see the two different women, one old and one young?

And finally, one from an interesting artist, M. C. Escher. I love his works, but you just can't get where you want to go with him!


Can you see the optical illusion in Giraffe #57? It's really a camel. Or is it a camel that's really a giraffe?

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