Thursday, April 26, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Umbrella. I've always wanted a really fun umbrella, but I've always had plain ones. 

I don't use an umbrella very much, unless it's raining hard. It always seems like a lot of trouble to put it up and drag it around with me. 

If I ever needed to use an umbrella a lot, maybe I'd get a hot pink one like this.

Hot Pink

I wonder if I would sing and dance in the rain if I had this umbrella?

Ballet Lesson by Degas

If I carried this umbrella I would always be assured of seeing a rainbow.


If my sister ever saw me with this umbrella she'd claim it immediately. She loves dragonflies as much as I love giraffes.

Stained Glass Dragonfly

And speaking of giraffes, here are a couple of giraffe umbrellas.

Giraffe Print

I like this umbrella, but it is no longer available. Too bad. It would be fun to carry this around, even if it wasn't raining.

U is for Unicorn. If unicorns were real animals they would certainly be fun to ride. But looking at unicorn art is wonderful, too. This is from a website dedicated to the magical world of unicorns.

Unicorn and baby

In this world you can ride a unicorn over the rainbow. What must that be like?

U is for Unicycle. If I can't ride a unicorn, maybe someday I could learn to ride a unicycle. If I was going to do it, I'd want to wear a snazzy outfit like this woman.

Riding a Unicycle

Guess what these children are riding? Giraffe unicycles! Yes, that's what the tall ones are called. Now I really have to learn. If these children can ride a giraffe, I can too!

Giraffe unicycle
U is for Ubiquitous. That's what giraffes are around my house. Giraffe #46, you just thought you were beautiful. I'll bet you didn't know you were ubiquitous, too.

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