Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Oleander. I know the names of basic flowers, like roses, tulips, daisies and lilies. But there are so many flowers that I could never name. Oleander is one of them. So it was good for me to find out a little bit about a flower that I had never known much about. I can't decide if I like the pink ones best or the white. Best have both.

Pink Oleander

Yellow Oleander

Nerium oleander

O is for Onyx. Black onyx is one of my favorite gemstones. This is such an elegant ring.

14k Gold Black Onyx Love Knot Ring

At first I thought this was a brooch. But it's actually a cocktail ring. I think I'd like it as a pin, better. Whatever it is, it's lovely.

Black Onyx & Diamond Ring

The only onyx I was familiar with was black onyx. Then I found out that onyx comes in other colors, such as blue, green, purple, white and amber.

Even this beautiful pink color.

Peachblow Onyx

O is for orange. So simple, but so yummy. 

Is it any surprise that I collect bottles with interesting labels?

We still have our jack-o-lanterns up. The kids love the one I drew. I have to turn it around periodically, because there is a scary face on the other side that they like.

Creamsicle ice cream (vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet) is a favorite of mine, so I'm going to be trying this recipe. 

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Giraffe #40 says, "O is for Orange Carrot."

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