Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbows Without the Rain

I love seeing a rainbow after the rain. 

Ben Lomond's Reward by ewanr

But it's nice when I can see a rainbow even when there is no rain.


I've decided to try taking some of my own rainbow pictures. The first two are using tiles from the classroom.

These are little envelopes and cards made from a die-cutting tool at school. I use them to write thank you cards to the students.

My colored pencil rainbow definitely needs work. It's not very interesting when compared to the photo above.

One of my students wore a rainbow headband one day. Perfect for this blog post. (My students love it when I take their pictures!)

I'm loving my digital camera, so I will be sharing more pictures that I've taken and other photos I've found that inspire me.

Giraffe #41 is hoping that she and her baby will be included in my rainbow collection. Should I?

Of course!

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